• New Trademarked Gelatin-Free Candy Category with Tender Chewy Bite and Delicious Melt-in-Your-Mouth Softness​  
  • ​Creative and Specialized New Shape Molds, with a Focus on Healthy Quality Product 
  • No Gelatin, No Animal Products, No Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Sweeteners, No Sugar Alcohols 
  • Colors and Flavors of Peach, Strawberry, Cherry, Orange, and Apple from Natural Sources, Made with Organic Beet Sugar
  • Carefully Crafted Pectin-Based Confectionery, For Enjoyment By Both Children And Adults                      
  • Inspiring and Educating Motivational Packages with Stories of Real Heroes to Motivate Children and Parents Alike

Derrière chaque enfant se cache un rêve...Offrez-le lui dans un bonbon tendre et délicat pour des instants de douceur et de plaisir incomparables.
Notre recette unique à base de fruits et sans gélatine, fond dans la bouche, tel un nuage de plaisir! 

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