Ferdinand Magellan

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In the inspiration and education of our children lies our greatest hope. In the character of our children lies the future of our countries and our humanity.

So we dedicate the stories on our packages to our young who will become our future. We join them in this future when we learn with them about the great artists, explorers, athletes, and visionaries who have forged our way and are worthy to follow.​        

We welcome all who believe as we do, to nominate those who have inspired you, so that we might dedicate one of the packages in our series to their lives, their accomplishments, and their leadership.   

You can be confident that when you submit your idea, it will be considered carefully, and their story will be known, whether on our package or through our website.​ 
Your suggestion may be submitted through our contact page, so that one day you may see your idea in our Gallery of Heroes!


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Anna Pavlova