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Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in Unique Candy Company, our exciting and innovative new company.

For many years, candy has been made and sold only as sugary treats for children, with no thought to inspiring young hearts and minds. 

Now our beautifully packaged delicious candies can bring new worlds of inspiration and ideas to children, teenagers, and adults alike.


We are the first Candy company in the world created by a ballerina. So our company will grow upon the unique vision of our founder who uniquely is bringing her art and spirit to the confectionery industry.

We offer you attractive packages educating and inspiring to pursue the arts and science, with the delicious taste of elegance, adventure, inspiration, and exploration. So you can create your own Candy Collection of our delicious chewy treats and learn about the great real heroes who left their mark upon our world.

And to provide you with a new taste sensation, we created a new candy type that children and adults will love.  Enjoy, Imagine, and Inspire!